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BLM Final Rule on Hydraulic Fracturing has been issued

The main changes include:

(1) The allowable use of an expanded set of cement evaluation tools to help ensure that usable water zones have been isolated and protected from contamination;
(2) Replacement of the “type well” concept to demonstrate well integrity with a requirement to demonstrate well integrity for all wells; 
(3) More stringent requirements related to claims of trade secrets exempt from disclosure; 
(4) More protective requirements to ensure that fluids recovered during hydraulic fracturing operations are contained; 
(5) Additional disclosure and public availability of information about each hydraulic fracturing operation; and 
(6) Revised records retention requirements to ensure that records of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations are retained for the life of the well.

To read the rule in full click here 


ABB Industry Conservation Plan Applications

If you had a positive ABB survey Reagan Smith Energy Solutions can assist you with filing an application under the new Industry Conservation Plan.  For information on Absence/Presence Surveys, Mitigation Banks and Individual Permit Packages under the new Industry Conservation Plan contact Monica Griffin or email

Osage County Environmental Assessments and Archaeology
Pawhuska Bureau of Indian Affairs Field Office

Reagan Smith Energy Solutions prepares Environmental Assessments and Archaeological Surveys for projects located in Osage County, Oklahoma.  For more information please email Monica Smith Griffin at


Lesser Prairie Chicken
Habitat Evaluations for Enrolled Properties

Reagan Smith can perform WAFWA Habitat Evaluations for enrolled properties.  The habitat grade is used to determine mitigation fees on enrolled properties.  Please contact Monica Griffin