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1219 Classen Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone: (405) 286-9326
Fax: (405) 600-3400
President & CEO
Vice President of Land and Regulatory Compliance
Vice President of Environmental Compliance and Engineering
Lead Leasing Specialist/Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Permitting Specialist/Soil Scientist
Director of Environmental Compliance and Permitting
Mapping Manager and ArcGIS Specialist
ArcGIS and Mapping Specialist
Office Manager
Database Specialist
Cultural Resources Manager and Principal Investigator
Environmental Manager and Wildlife Ecologist
Regulatory Compliance Specialist
ArcGIS and Mapping Specialist
Environmental Specialist/ Permitting Specialist
Lead Federal Unit and Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Wildlife and Permitting Specialist
Lead ArcGIS and Mapping Specialist
Permitting Specialist
Director of Business Development
Lead Database Administrator

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