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Project Managers

Our highly crossed trained project managers are focused on troubleshooting and efficiency in order to meet your deadlines. We work with you from the beginning of your project to develop timelines and framework that avoids pitfalls and considers all options available. We offer long-term solutions in order to maintain compliance with on-going regulations. From large leasing projects to large permitting projects we are ready to assist you so that your project can become a reality. Please contact Scott St. John at sstjohn@rsenergysolutions.com for more information.​

Governmental Liaisons

Dealing with complicated government regulations and complex agency structures can at the least be frustrating and at most devastating to a potential projects. Our staff is in constantly aware of policy changes that affect your project and we our in daily contact with agency staff so that permits are processed efficiently. We are able to consult with agencies and set up a compliance plan for operators who are out of compliance. Our environmental and permitting staff can prepare all aspects of the permit and assist in compliance. We work with you to navigate the regulations and bring your project to fruition. For more information contact Monica Smith Griffin at msmith@rsenergysolutions.com.

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