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Seismic Solutions

Reagan Smith specializes in obtaining seismic permits on Federal and Indian lands. We have worked with multiple leading seismic companies to obtain seismic permits on private, Federal and Indian lands. We also provide full service permit compliance including archaeology, endangered species surveys and wildlife monitoring.

Right-of-Way Agents

Our team of right-of-way agents are highly trained and experienced in land values and landowner negotiations. Landowners have concerns based on the location of their property, topography and type of operation. Operators and developers also have various concerns involving expense, access, and timing. We work closely with the client and landowner to develop an agreement which is satisfactory to both parties and fosters a long-term working relationship.  Contact Scott St. John at sstjohn@rsenergysolutions.com to discuss Right-of-Way issues.

Agency Permits

Often seismic projects will require ROW permit from the various Indian tribes and/or state and Federal agencies. Our staff works closely with these agencies to obtain permits efficiently.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs requires a seismic permit be issued before seismic activities can take place on restricted lands. Operators must obtain written consent from the Indian mineral/surface owners or the BIA will issue the permit. Reagan Smith Energy Solutions has an extensive database of surface and mineral owners. Coupled with our experienced staff, a BIA seismic permit can be obtained in the same time it takes to permit fee surface owners. We can coordinate your BIA seismic permit with BIA leasing to streamline the process. Please contact Monica Smith Griffin to discuss seismic permitting on BIA lands msmith@rsenergysolutions.com.

Permit Compliance

Upon issuance of a permit, our staff prepares an approved permit package including a compiled stipulations list, approved permit and necessary forms to comply with the permit. We will ensure the client is aware of important stipulations and deadlines. We also maintain a copy of the permit on file and log expiration dates for future notices to the client. We are always available for technical assistance, agency follow up and backup documentation. Please contact Scott St. John at sstjohn@rsenergysolutions.com for more information.

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