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Leasing Solutions

Reagan Smith has the ability to handle every size of leasing project. Reagan Smith specializes in leasing Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, State and Five Civilized Tribe tracts for Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Oil and gas projects. We also lease private lands for a variety of projects.

Mineral Leasing

Reagan Smith Energy Solutions, Inc. has the ability to handle every size of leasing projects. Utilizing our database technology coupled with our experienced staff will put you ahead of the competition.  Contact Jennifer Krieg for more information jkrieg@rsenergysolutions.com.

Bureau of Land Management Leases

Most Bureau of Land Management agencies hold lease sales quarterly. Tracts must be nominated for these sale months in advance. River tracts often require surveys and detailed tract information.  Our website provides you with sale notices for the various BLM offices. We can also send you email notices for the regions in which you are interested. Please contact Monica Smith Griffin at msmith@rsenergysolutions.com  if you would like a tract researched, nominated, or would like us to represent you at a lease sale. 

Bureau of Indian Affairs Leases

Bureau of Indian Affairs leasing can be time consuming and confusing. Many BIA agencies hold lease sales at which tracts are auctioned to oil and gas companies. Other BIA agencies allow for negotiated leases whereby potential lessees offer a fair market value to lease a specific restricted tract of land.  Once permission has been granted to begin leasing, each heir must be contacted during the leasing process. Reagan Smith Energy Solutions has an extensive Indian Mineral owner database which allows us to locate hard-to-find mineral owners.  We also have experienced landmen dedicated to BIA leasing who have working relationships with tribal members. We are able to research, nominate, bid, lease and obtain approval of your BIA tracts so that you can focus on other aspects of your project.  Please contact Jennifer Krieg at jkrieg@rsenergysolutions.com for more information.

Court Approved Five Civilized Indian Leases

The Act of August 4, 1947 places the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma (Seminole, Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee and Choctaw) out of the administrative oversight of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Further, the Act requires any lease which is executed by a restricted tribal member to be ratified and approved by the District Court in the county in which the minerals are located.  Reagan Smith Energy Solutions, Inc. is experienced in leasing members of the Civilized Tribes and works with the Office of the Tulsa Field Solicitor on a daily basis.  We work closely with the law firm of St. John, Griffin & Krieg, PLLC, which is experienced in streamlining the judicial approval process required in Civilized Tribe leasing. Please contact Jennifer Krieg at jkrieg@rsenergysolutions.com for more information.

Leasing Submerged Lands

Coastal states own submerged lands up to three nautical miles from the shoreline and are allowed to lease state-owned submerged lands to interested parties for a fee. Interested parties wishing to lease lands beyond the three nautical mile mark must lease submerged lands from the Department of Interior whose jurisdiction extends to the outer continental shelf. Most states will not authorize a lease of state lands until all necessary federal and state permits and approvals are in place.  Please contact Jennifer Krieg at jkrieg@rsenergysolutions.com for more information.

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