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Reporting Solutions

Office of Natural Resources Revenue Reporting

Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) was previously the Minerals Management Service (MMS) until October 1, 2010.  The ONRR is responsible for the management of revenues associated with federal offshore and federal and American Indian onshore mineral leases, as well as revenues received as a result of onshore and offshore renewable energy efforts.   

Once a unit containing Bureau of Land Management or Bureau of Indian Affairs minerals is producing, the operator is required to file monthly production and revenue reports to Office of Natural Resource Revenue.  Our staff is able to prepare and file monthly OGOR production reports and 2014 revenue reports for all your BLM and BIA wells.  

It is easy for operators to fall behind or become overwhelmed by monthly reporting requirements.  Our staff works closely with ONRR to keep operators in compliance, avoiding penalties and shut-ins.  We can consult with ONRR and compliance plan for operators who are out of compliance. 

Unbundling and The Market Condition Rule - The BLM lessee must place gas in marketable condition ... at no cost to the Federal Government. 30 C.F.R. Sec. 1206.152(i) (federal gas) and 1206.147(h) (Indian gas).   Reagan Smith is specialized in unbundling efforts for gas plants and transportation systems.  Our services include identifying and determining marketable condition, data collection, calculating and applying unbundling cost allocation. 

Changes to the Onshore Orders and 43 CFR 3173, require operators of BLM and BIA wells to apply for Facitity Measurement Point.  Our staff assists clients in identifying Facility Measurement Points, preparing Site Security Diagrams, applying for Facility Measurement Point 

Please contact Jennifer Krieg at jkrieg@rsenergysolutions.com for more information on ONRR compliance.

Texas General Land Office Reporting

Leases acquired from the Texas General Land Office require revenue reports to be filed with the Texas GLO. Revenue from GLO leases is deposited into the Permanent School Fund. Texas General Land Office makes it a priority to properly account for production revenue from state oil, gas and hard mineral leases. 

The lessee/operator or agent is required to submit a report on total production volume and total non-sales dispositions. If the lessee/operator or agent markets all production from a property, the operator or agent must also report the sales volume, value and calculate a royalty due. Any working interest owners or agents who market their share of production must report their sales volume, value and calculate a royalty due. 

Reagan Smith Energy Solutions has an experienced reporting staff managed by a Certified Public Accountant. We can assist with set up and filing of all GLO reports. For more information, please contact Jennifer Krieg at jkrieg@rsenergysolutions.com.

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