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American Burying Beetle

American Burying Beetle Surveys

The American Burying Beetle (ABB) is listed as a Federal endangered species. The current distribution encompasses eight states, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. While planning a project, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requires an ABB presence/absence survey in counties where the ABB is historically found, likely to be present, documented or unconfirmed. 

American Burying Beetle 
Absence/Presence Surveys

The current ABB Survey Guidance requires a five night survey during the ABB active season on all federal project.  The ABB season will open after five consecutive nights of 60 degrees or higher.  From this date until July 28th surveys can be completed to clear projects that will complete surface disturbance by the close of the active season.  Surveys performed after July 28th will clear projects until the next active season. The active survey season will close on the first night after August 31st when the minimum temperature is below 60 degrees.  Due to the uncertainty of when the season will close, we recommend completing all surveys prior to August 31st.   

Reagan Smith Energy Solutions, Inc has six USFWS Section 10 American Burying Beetle Biologists.  We can set up to 100 traps per five night survey.  The RSES Mapping Department and RSES Wildlife Department work with the client to determine the best and most effective trap sites.  Reporting and USFWS consultation are filed quickly so as to not delay projects.  

UPDATE: For the 2017 ABB Survey Season, the USFWS extend the season until the 3rd consectuvie night below 55 degrees following September 15th.  The USFWS has not determined if this new protocol will apply to the 2018 ABB Survey Season.

Individual Project Permits under the Industry Conservation Plan  

Projects that have a positive ABB survey may apply for take coverage under the Industry Conservation Plan by submitting A 3-200-56 Federal Fish and Wildlife Application Form.  Reagan Smith prepares all aspects of the permit application including the ABB ICP Eligibility Determination Document, maps, mitigation calculations, and NEPA compliance including migratory bird, bald eagle and cultural resources surveys.  We also assist operators by securing mitigation bank credits or assisting in mitigation bank setup.  

Mitigation Bank Set-up

Reagan Smith can assist with Mitigation Bank set up by preparing Mitigation Bank Draft Prospectus, Prospectus, Banking Enabling Instrument, required maps, project descriptions and biological and cultural resources surveys. We can set up all meetings with the USFWS and follow the project through to approval. Reagan Smith Energy Solutions, Inc. has six permitted biologists by the USFWS to perform absence/presence surveys. For a complete determination on whether your project requires an ABB survey or to schedule an ABB survey, contact Monica Smith Griffin at msmith@rsenergysolutions.com.

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